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Buying insurance short term

When exactly do you need cheap temporary car insurance cover? The times vary for a lot of people but many of us will need temporary cover a number of times throughout the year. So the blanket answer to this would be when you need to use your car for a short period. Temporary car insurance, the cheaper the better,  is ideal for people who do not use their cars everyday. It would be too expensive, and certainly unfair for them to pay for annual cover when they only get to drive a few months each year.

Take Leon for instance. He got a job transfer to a station that is 20 minutes from his home in the North West. That was in October 2009. He packed his Ford Fiesta and enjoyed walking to and from work. But his existing car insurance policy was still valid and it pained him to see three months worth of coverage go to waste. So between then and February when his policy expired, he ensured that his weekends were packed with activities ? ones that took him on long drives into the countryside. Thankfully, his job routine was fixed so he could enjoy weekends off.

Come December and he knew he couldn't renew his car policy. He had bought the car at the start of the year. It was still in pretty good shape and would cost him a lot to insure. It was while musing over the issue one night that he clicked his insurer's site and came across an advertisement for temporary car insurance quotes. His curiosity peaked. On following up, he found out that indeed he could purchase temporary insurance for as short a period as one day up to 28 days. It?s been a year now and he continues to enjoy pay-by-the-day coverage for his Saturday drives. During his annual leave, he bought pay-as-you-go cover that insured his car for a whole month.

You too can benefit from temporary car insurance. The rates charged for the cover will vary from one company to another but doing a bit of comparison will help you find lower rates. A quick search for cheap temporary car insurance quotes will unearth many offers from different insurers. Compare them as you would regular car insurance quotes to find the best offer. If your car is a bit old, opting for third party cover will be cheaper for you. If it is a fast car, go for comprehensive coverage.

An alternative way to ensure that you pay less on cheap temporary car insurance is by getting quotes from insurers who specialize in your car make. They give much lower rates. A number of companies have very competitive quotes for temporary comprehensive packages for all car models which will be economical if you plan to use the car for a month.

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