There are a number of different short term car insurance companies on the market, and they all have different acceptance criteria as well as different ways of calculating the premium, so which one would be the best or the cheapest for you will depend upon your own individual circumstances. You may wish to get a quote from all three, so that you can compare not only what a policy will cost but also what benefits it will give you. Please remember that the terms and conditions that we have detailed below are only a small sample, and you should check each insurer's documentation to make sure that the policy is the right one for you.


Day Insure - 1-28 day policies

Subject to conditions Day Insure will cover drivers over the age of 21, and they provide policies for vans, motorcycles and motorhomes as well as for cars. Cover is comprehensive only, although this drops to third-party only cover whilst driving outside the UK but within the EEC. There is an option to upgrade this cover to comprehensive for an extra premium. Caravans or trailers can be towed under one of these policies, although the towed item will be covered third-party only whilst the car itself would be covered comprehensively. Vehicles must be unmodified, with a value of not more than 75,000 pounds. Day Insure can cover drivers normally domiciled abroad, and those with UK, EEC, New Zealand and Australian driving licences provided that they meet their criteria.

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Temp Cover - 1-28 day policies

Subject to conditions, Temp Cover will accept drivers from the age of 18 up to 75, provided that they have held either a full UK driving licence for a minimum of six months, or a full licence issued within the rest of the EU for more than 12 months. Cover available is either third-party only or comprehensive, and vehicles to be insured must be valued at a minimum of 1500 pounds. It only takes a few moments to get a quotation from their very simple application form.

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E-Car Insurance; 1-28 days and 1-8 months (Pay As You Go) policies

Ecar insurance will only accept drivers from the age of 24 upwards, subject to conditions, and their application form is quite comprehensive. This may well be an advantage however for older and more experienced drivers, because those under 24 unfortunately tend to have more accidents than older ones, which tends to drive up premiums. By eliminating this very expensive age group they may well be able to offer more competitive quotations to safer drivers. They can also provide annual or rolling month-to-month policies for up to 8 months.

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