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Pay-as-you-drive cover

Pay as you drive car insurance refers to a type of insurance where you pay on monthly basis. That is, you only pay for the months you intend to use the car. Pay as you drive is available from one month and can last as long as eight months. If you are not sure for how many months you will need to use the car, you can pay for one or two month's cover and simply top up as need be.

This type of insurance is truly innovative and very useful for people who do not drive regularly. There are a lot of scenarios that could call for pay as you drive insurance; your work for instance. If your office duties or business takes you out of the country most of the year, you do not need annual or biannual cover. Pay as you drive will serve you much better and is cheaper. Simply purchase the cover for the months you will be in the country and save on your car insurance costs.

What about when you've rammed your car into a tree so that it ends up at the car shop getting straightened? You do not want the record to mess up your No Claims Bonus so you meet the cost of repair and borrow your friend's car for a month or two. Your friend may have insured the car, but his policy may only be valid when he is the driver. The best way to ensure that you are insured on his car is by purchasing pay as you drive insurance for the duration in which you will be using the car.

Not every insurance company provides pay as you drive car insurance. But you will find a number of companies that do. Most of them will give you a choice between third party insurance and comprehensive cover. Third party cover will cost you less but it is not adequate for some type of cars. If the car is considerably valuable and would cost a fortune to replace, opt for comprehensive cover instead. The amount you spend on the cover will be nothing compared to what you would have paid to replace the car if it's involved in an accident.

Your chances of finding low rates on pay as you drive insurance will depend on how far you are willing to go in the search for cheap quotes.  The main pay as you drive companies  specialise in pay as you go services and will have something fitting for nearly every kind of car and situation.  What's more, they will provide comprehensive as well as third party cover which ensures that you can be adequately protected at all times.

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