Short term one month car insurance

You may have heard of short term one month cover, or maybe not. As a fact, a lot of people do not know that this cover exists. If you have a SORN declaration on your car but are frustrated because every time you need to use the car during your busy months itís your spouse who drives, a one month cover may be all you need. The cover works just as the name implies: you purchase a cover for one month, during which you are free to use the car as much as you want.

Not all insurance companies provide this type of cover. But a few companies have identified the need and clearly created a niche for themselves. One of the greatest advantages of using their services is that they provide comprehensive cover as well as third party only. As with any other insurance policy, comparison shopping is what will unveil cheap rates when it comes to one month cover.

As much as low prices are attractive, do not forget about the carís safety and yours too. More important than the price is cover. Choose enough cover to ensure protection for you and the car. Of course this will depend on a number of factors, not least being the type of car. Is it a new car? How valuable is it? In what safety group rating is it? All these are factors you need to consider when choosing a one month cover, as no two cars will cost the same when it comes to insurance. The insurer will still have to shield themselves from loss even when you are going to be driving for only a month.

Generally, if a car is new and has a low safety rating, it means it has a higher than average likelihood of crashing or being expensive to repair. Comprehensive cover is the best protection for such a car. Comprehensive in this case includes collision cover. If a car is old, it is relatively cheap to replace and perhaps you can get by with third party cover.

Other actuarial factors that apply when setting regular insurance rates will be considered for one month cover, including your driving experience and age. The good news is that things are a little flexible on the one month cover front. Even learner drivers can get 1 to 28 days car insurance cover, but on a number of conditions. These may vary from one provider to another but all seem to agree that you must be under the supervision of an older driver (not necessarily a parent), who is at least 25 years old and a holder of a valid UK driving licence.

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