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Young drivers' short term car insurance

There are two types of short term car insurance available for younger drivers; 1 to 28 day cover which is available from the age of 18, and 1-8 months (pay as you go) cover which is available from 17 upwards. In both cases you can get instant cover and premiums are based, as usual, on factors which include your driving history, address, and choice of vehicle.

1-28 days cover

It doesn't matter whether you own the vehicle or not and you can select either third party or fully comprehensive cover. The exact terms and conditions will vary depending upon which insurance company you take a policy with but usually the car needs to have a minimum value of ?1500 and a maximum of ?20,000. You will usually need to have no more than 6 points on your licence with no accidents or convictions in the last three years. The car must be unmodified, and you must not be employed in a high risk profession (sports or music, for some reason, are 'high accident professions and usually banned) and be in good health with no eye or ear defects; medical screening is available in case of doubt.

1-8 months (pay as you go) cover

Available to qualifying motorists between 17 and 90, this is very much like a standard car insurance policy, the difference being that you buy it on a month to month basis. You pay the premium for the first month, and then the policy automatically renews each month unless you give 2 weeks minimum notification that you want to cancel. In this event there are no further cancellation charges. Check their FAQ, it is very comprehensive.

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