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Buying car insurance for a single day

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Driving uninsured is now more dangerous than ever in the UK. While you may have got away with it in the past, you will not be as lucky in the future. The police now use roadside cameras and numberplate recognition technolgy to ascertain whether the car you are driving is insured or not. That is a risk you should not take, at least not with the new, tougher car insurance laws in place.

Perhaps you are wondering what to do then if you intend to use your car only once a week. Insurance companies, through their 1 day insurance, provide an answer to this. The law will not understand that you had to use the car for only a day; and when you think about it, it makes sense to insure your car for that one time use.

What if you got into a really bad accident? You would end up wishing you had sacrificed the smaller price that buying 1 day car insurance is.

Leading companies in this 1 day car insurance business provide comprehensive cover, not just convenient third party cover. With 1 day comprehensive cover, your car is fully covered against all forms of damage in addition to provision of third party cover benefits.

There are many occasions when you would want to use 1 day car insurance. Good examples are when you will be co-driving with a family member or friend on a long trip, when driving a car that is not yours, when lending your car to someone else, when driving a new car home from the showroom or auction site and when going for a test drive.

Just like regular car insurance, 1 day car insurance will depend on your age and the type of car you are insuring. As of now, the minimum period young drivers below the age of 21 are required to remain insured is one month. But for the other age groups, there is a lot of flexibility. It does not matter whether you are driving an old model, any of the newest models or a custom made one. There is a 1 day car insurance cover customized to suit your car.

Application for 1 day car insurance can easily be done online, which is quite convenient. This means if you change your mind at the showroom and choose a different type of car than the one you had planned on buying, you can purchase 1 day insurance online to cover the car on your way home or wherever else you are going.

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