Short Term Car Insurance

Usefulness of Short Term Car Insurance

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Short term car insurance can be very useful, both in planned instances where a motorist is driving another car and after unexpected inconveniences. The type of situation determines whether a motorist should purchase temporary or short term cover.

A Few Days

The beauty of temporary cover is that motorists can purchase it at the last minute. This makes it very useful when unexpected issues arise. It's a common experience to wake up and discover one's car won't start. In such cases, motorists may borrow friends' or neighbours' vehicles, but they must be legally covered to drive them.

Temporary cover of a few days is perfect for this because it can be arranged within just a few minutes online. The same is true for motorists who are test driving a car they might purchase. If one borrows a car or van from someone in order to move home, he or she will need cover for a day or perhaps a few. Motorists should never go driving without insurance because it's a crime that carries with it significant penalties.

A Few Weeks

Motorists driving on holiday for several weeks may also need temporary cover. Policies may allow more than one driver to be named, so if embarking on a long trip and planning to switch off, both drivers can be covered.

Temporary cover for a few weeks may also be ideal if friends are visiting and need to drive one's car. Some insurers accept EU licences and some even accept licenced drivers from Australia, New Zealand, and other countries for temporary cover. Another common situation is when a motorist must drive a courtesy car because his or her car is being repaired in the garage.

A Few Months

If one needs more than a month of cover, short term cover could still be ideal. This may be helpful for parents of university-aged students who want to drive over their summer holiday. Need cover intermittently? Get policies as you need them. Need cover for several months? No problem, just book a fresh policy to start when the current one ends.

In any situation, short term and temporary insurance allow motorists the flexibility to tailor cover to their needs. Since any claim made under these policies will not affect one's no claims bonus with one's annual insurer, they also provide protection from the hefty premium hikes that accompany an accident.

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