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Car insurance rates have spiralled over the last two years, forcing many people to declare a SORN on their cars. But you do not have to keep taking the bus every time you need to get to the city. If comfort on the road is important to you, then you just cannot abandon your car because it is the only machine that can provide the kind of comfort you need. You do not have to pay hefty annual charges to keep the car covered either.

A simple insurance product that takes care of this is the one week car insurance. As its name suggests, it exists for only one week and can be renewed (you need to leave a 14 day gap) if you need to drive some more. Simply purchase it when you need to use the car and drop it once you are done.

1 week car insurance is convenient for short trips and visits across the country. The cover is available from a number of insurance companies and is great value for money. Other occasions when you may need 1 week car insurance include immediately after purchasing a car, since you cannot drive the car without insurance, when you need to borrow a friend?s car and are not sure whether their policy would cover you as an alternate driver or when you?re lending your car to a friend or relative. Purchase of 1 week car insurance is justified on any other occasion that demands the use of a car for a week.

You have a couple of options to choose from as most companies provide both comprehensive and third party cover on temporary basis. Choose the cover that best protects your car so that should anything happen during the week, full compensation will be made.

Follow the same considerations you would apply when buying regular, long term car insurance when choosing between one week third party and comprehensive cover. For instance, comprehensive cover is perfect for new cars as well as high value cars, while third party cover is ideal for older, safer cars. A number of companies have great rates for one week comprehensive cover.

When you apply for one week car insurance, the cover can take effect instantly. You can make your application online and the cover could be valid as soon as you make the payment. To be approved for one week car insurance, you have to be between 18 and 75 years and have a valid UK driving license. As long as you meet these two requirements, and have a reasonable driving record, you will probably qualify for one week car insurance. The temporary cover is available for a variety of vehicles, including cars, and light vans under about 3.5 tonnes GVW.

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