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Car insurance for a fortnight

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Although the minimum age for driving is 17, two week car insurance is only available for drivers who are at least 19 years old. However, some insurance companies have a higher age limit, some providing short term car insurance to drivers who are at least 25 years, usually due to the associated high risk factor.

If your age does not allow you to qualify for a policy from a given insurance company, try shopping around for companies with a lower age limit.

Occasions when two week car insurance comes in handy are numerous and varied. If you took a Statutory off Road Notification (SORN) because you no longer use your car but need to drive the car during your holiday, you can purchase your insurance.

Remember to tax the vehicle before getting on the road or you may get into problems with the law. All these are processes you can quickly do online so you will not have to go to the DVLA offices. At the expiration of the policy, apply for another SORN and keep it in place until the next time you need to use the car.

Sometimes, you may need to use a friend's car for a while following an accident involving your car or as your car gets serviced. Temporary car insurance will come in handy at such a time and ensures that both the car and yourself are well protected.

Your friend's car may be covered under a different long term policy, but only when the primary driver listed is in charge. This means that when someone else drives the car, they are not covered. Rather than risk getting into an accident without any insurance cover on you, get two week insurance. It will take care of any insurance problems that arise and ensure that you return the car to the owner in good shape.

Two week insurance is appropriate for visitors to the UK who will be driving during their stay. One of the requirements for short term insurance that insurance companies have put in place is possession of a UK driving licence.

Exceptions are made, however, for visitors from EU countries, as well as New Zealand and Australia. If you are not sure, check whether the insurance company you intend to purchase the two week insurance for your visitor from recognizes that person's driving licence. This precautionary requirement is enforced for safety reasons, as different countries have different road rules, and it is easy to get confused when driving in a foreign country.

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