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Our policies on privacy

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We are very keen on privacy, something there is far too little of on the Internet these days. We will do everything within our power to preserve yours.

How we are regulated

Your privacy is protected by two major legal documents; The Data Protection Act, which was the United Kingdom's main privacy protection prior to the EU's General Data Protection Regulations. We comply with both of these in our normal practices.

What information we collect

There is information which can personally identify you; and information about your visit to our site, which cannot. We only have access to the latter, and this is information which is freely available to practically every website manager in the world. It includes the time you spent on our website, the date of your visit, the pages you visited, the type of browser that you used, and several other minor factors. We do not process this information in any way and to be frank we very rarely look at it at all!

You may of course contact us. If you do that we will have a record of your communication as well as your e-mail address. We will of course reply to your communication but apart from that it is likely that you will never hear from us again, unless you contact us again yourself. We do not send out spam of any kind and we will not allow any other person to have access to your communication.

How we use any information we gather from our visitors

As mentioned above, we will only use contact information to reply to your queries and to give any assistance that we are able to give.

Transfer of your information

Weblogs which contain (non-identifying) information about your visit are stored on secure servers using industry standard protection measures. Any e-mails you send us will be stored on our computer system, which has strong encryption. None of this information will be transferred to any other person, unless we have a direct instruction to do so by a law enforcement agency which has jurisdiction over us.

Storage of your information

We cannot delete weblogs without deleting huge quantities of information related to visits by other people. However these weblogs cannot be used to identify or track you in anyway. Any identifying information we have will be stored on our computers but we will be happy to delete it at any time if you express a wish for us to do so. Please allow us approximately 14 days to do this, although in practice it should only take us a matter of hours.

Sites that we link to

In common with virtually every website on the Internet, our site contains hyperlinks to other websites. These websites are run by different people to us, and so we have no control over their privacy policies. This policy only refers of course to our own website,

You're right of access to your information

You have a legal right of access to any information that any company holds about you on a computer system. If any of this information is incorrect you have a right to have it altered. The company that holds this information is entitled to make a reasonable charge for this service.

If you believe that we hold personal information about you will be happy to let you know exactly what we have got and if it is incorrect we will put it right as soon as possible. We will also, of course, delete it completely if you wish us to do so.

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