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These are the terms and conditions of our website, which is Sadly they are a necessity in this day and age.


This website is owned by Peter Morris of Musters Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7PG, who will be referred to in this document as 'the owner'.

Your right to visit and browse our site

These terms and conditions are completely non-negotiable and they lay down the rules under which you may access this website. If you cannot accept any of these rules, then unfortunately we must insist that you leave the website immediately.


Since this site is free of charge to use, no contract exists between the owner and any person visiting the site. We therefore have no liability whatsoever to you for any consequences that may befall you as a result of your visiting this website.

Accuracy of information on this site

We made reasonable efforts to make sure that the information that we have written about on this website was accurate at the time that it was written. Times change however, and it is possible that some or perhaps all of it is now out of date. You should therefore not take any heed of anything you have read on this website when making decisions of any kind, and you are in any case strongly urged to seek proper professional advice from qualified people before making any commitments of any kind.

Security of our site

Websites throughout the world are under almost constant attack by criminals who seek to alter the contents of these sites or insert malicious code. We, as well as the owners of all the rest of the sites online, cannot be immune from the attention of these people who are often very skilled hackers. You must agree therefore that we cannot accept any responsibility for any misinformation that you are provided as a consequence of a hack, or any infection of your Internet connected device or devices which is picked up from this website.

Duty of care

You accept that, in view of the fact that no relationship exists between us, we have no duty of care whatsoever towards you.

Websites we link to

Whilst we do of course make every reasonable effort to ensure that the sites that are linked to from this website are run by ethical persons, we have no control whatsoever over their actions or policies. You accept therefore that we cannot be held in any way responsible for any mishaps that you suffer as a result of visiting one or more of these sites. If you have a dispute with the owner or owners of one of these websites, you accept that it is not a concern of the owners of this website.

Copyright issues

All the images and text, as well as the site design and coding, are copyright material which is owned by Peter Morris. None of this is to be reproduced in any way, except for a single copy that you may keep on your own computer system for personal use only.

Third-party liabilities

You accept that if you show any copy of this website to any other person, you accept full responsibility for any adverse consequences which may occur as a result of this.

Abuse of our website

You agree to indemnify us for our full costs, plus adequate compensation, if you carry out any actions which may result in this website being taken off-line, corrupted, compromised or degraded in any way.

Modifications of our site

We may alter this document at any time, as well as any other part of this website. Any new terms and conditions which we impose as a result of these alterations will be recorded on this document, and will come into force immediately.

Dispute resolution

This is a UK website owned and operated by a UK national. As such, you agree that the only jurisdiction which has any powers over the owner of this website is the legal system of the United Kingdom, and no other country.

Statutory statement

These terms and conditions must be accepted in their entirety. If you cannot accept all of these, you are requested to leave this website immediately and you should destroy any copies that you have made of it.

This website is copyright Peter Morris 2020. All rights to text, images and coding strictly reserved.

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